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Small Modular Reactors to tackle climate change

Rolls Royce – Small Modular Reactors – An Overview

Presented by Matt BlakeChief Engineer, Rolls-Royce SMR
Thursday, 24th March, 2022 @ 7.30pm
Forum 28 Studio

Matthew Blake will provide an update on the Rolls-Royce SMR business, covering development of the power station and the concept designs across the reactor and turbine islands and what to expect as the engineering team support and enable progress through the UKs rigorous Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process.

Martin Bates of BDAE said “In a time when there is a shortage of gas and soaring energy prices, the talk should give us a great insight into an option for UK energy supplies to meet future electricity demands”.

Matthew has 30 years’ senior experience across the civil and defence nuclear sector. He has worked for Rolls-Royce, BP and the Ministry of Defence. As the Chief Engineer for Rolls-Royce SMR, he is responsible for the engineering development of the SMR and all aspects of plant engineering.

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