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“Perisher”: 100 years of the Submarine Command Course

Presented by Dr David Parry – A Perisher Graduate
Wednesday, 9th November 2022 @ 7.30pm
The Studio, The Forum, Barrow in Furness

BDAE Press Release: “Perisher”: 100 years of the Submarine Command Course

Find out how and why the “The Perisher”, the moniker for the Submarine Command Course or SMCC, was started and how it has evolved to prepare our Submarine Commanding Officers for the high-pressure, high-risk situations that they have faced in times of war and peace over the 100 years of its existence, 1917 – 2017.

This story of Perisher’s evolution is a new dimension to the history of the Royal Navy that will be of interest to submariners of all nations, naval officers and historians, and all who have an interest in sea-command, pressure management and training, and the world of submarines. It covers the early days, the intensity during World War II and then the changes during the cold war and the advent of nuclear submarines.

Dr David Parry, himself a Perisher graduate, has researched Perisher’s 100-year history and captured it in in a book.

The presentation will be at Rydal Suite, The Forum in Barrow at 7.30pm, on Wednesday, November 9th. The talk is free and available to all. Information is also available on the website:

Copies of the book ‘Perisher: 100 Years of the Submarine Command Course’ will be available to attendees at the reduced price of £19.95, cash or card.

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