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UK Tidal Range Energy & Morecambe Bay

Presented by Professor George Aggidis – Head of Energy Engineering, Lancaster University

Thursday, 18th January 2024 @ 7.30pm
The Studio, The Forum, Barrow in Furness

BDAE Press Release: UK Tidal Range Energy & Morecambe Bay

Professor George Aggidis of Lancaster University returns to address the interest shown by the audience in Tidal Energy at last year’s talk. Professor George Aggidis will present the Tidal Range Energy Opportunity for the UK and the opportunity available for Morecambe Bay in the North West of England.

The UK has one of the best tidal resources in the world, second highest tidal range in the world and almost half of the European tidal range resource. Tidal range projects currently under development in the UK promise 10 GW installed capacity, delivering over 20TWh/y, about 5% of UK energy use. There is potential to increase this substantially for it to become a significant foundation of green, reliable and sustainable power.
He will expand on the historical barriers to the tidal power development and how the arguments have been addressed and urges further action to be taken.

Martin Bates of BDAE said “It will be very interesting to hear the up to date arguments for tidal power and understand the current initiatives and potential for its future development.”.

PROFESSOR GEORGE AGGIDIS is Professor and Head of Energy Engineering at Lancaster University. His career includes industrial and academic experience, in the UK and internationally. Published in excess of 150 papers and has 12 granted patent applications. He has a particular interest in tidal barrage systems.

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